Pineapple Crush by Australian Drug Foundation

 Pineapple crush
 Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) 2008
 code and direction: 		shadez
 3d graphics: 			serial
 music: 			grip
 A demo for Stream 2008. Win32, PS 2.0.
 This demo has no story or message - just trying
 to capture energic non-boring atmosphere. Hopefully
 this doesn't contain too obvious inspirations from certain
 great demogroups :) (ASD, MFX and TBL to be mentioned).
 Artists and musicians interested in cooperating demo projects,
 please contact tvolotin@cc.hut.fi.
 Hellos to
 Ananasmurska, ASD, Fit, Flo, Hedelmae, Jumalauta, Matt current, 
 MFX, Pwp, Synesthetics, TBL, Traction, Unique, wAMMa

- shadez