the story of mr. egg by Newgen

           Newgen is proud to present its second production :

                        "  The story of Mr.Egg  "

           Released on 27. August 2000 for the LTP Session 4

   Duration :                     Resolution : 640x480
   Size     :

   Newgen are -->    McD    : Webmaster
                     Rage   : Code and Muzik
                     Rarald : 3D GFX
                     Sly    : Code
                     Teajay : Code

 As for the first time, this one is released in a hurry ... but it was build
up in 47 hours =) We would like to send some special thanks to these people :

 Orange Juice for the fantastic LTP4
          N.A.A (especially Zoom for the storyboard and Hufo for some tricks)
 JFF because they are kewl
          All the LTP4 sceners ...
 Grumly, the bear that does not like chicken