Golrien's Elite Plasma by Golrien [web]

	    GOLRIEN'S ELITE PLASMA... for the GDR tech coding challenge #3
                      Copyright (c) 2002 by Sam Thursfield

    Assembled with TASM. Uses the tiny DPMI protected mode interface by Maxwell
    Sayles. If you get "Error" try running under CWSDPMI or Windows or

    Yeah, it's only 768 bytes long.. which isn't bad, considering the entire
    cosine table is hardcoded, it runs in protected mode, still contains traces
    of C and is in fact an EXE file. I wasn't originally going for size, heh... 
    also note how it's running in tweaked 320x100 mode.

    WWW: http://golrien.hybd.net
    GDR: sadly deceased.
    ICQ: 112802831
    AIM/Y!: golrien
    Email: golrien@hybd.net
    Monkey: ook.