vector wars 4k by jetset entertainment [web]

 vector wars 4k

2008 jetset entertainment

"vector wars 4k" is a Windows game
within the self-imposed 4 kilobyte size
limit of the demoscene.

The objective is to control your
spacecraft and hold out against the
ever increasing number of enemy

Press [space] to start a new game.

Use the cursor keys to navigate your
spacecraft within the battle arena.

Use the mouse to aim and press the left
mouse button to shoot.

The game is a small incarnation of what
started with "Asteroids" and lately
became a genre of its own, the "Arena
Shooter". The most famous modern game is
probably "Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved".

Please see the manual for more details
about "vector wars 4k".

Have fun

Marc Kamradt

More at: www.jetset-entertainment.com