LaText by Mortal Compact

                              Ú¿åçtàl ›åmpà›t


                  Û         Û        Û       Û  Û     Û       Û
                  Û      ÛÛ  Û ÛÛ  ÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛÛÛ   Û   Û  ÛÛ  ÛÛÛ
                  Û          Û     Û                Û       Û
                  Û          Û     Û       Û        Û       Û
                  Û      ÛÛ  Û     Û     ÛÛÛ      Û  Û      Û
                     Û   Û   Û     Û         Û   Û    Û     Û
                ÛÛÛÛÛÛ ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ ÛÛ   ÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛ

                               first and best



                     Scenest '96 Lamer Demo Competition

  A demo a k”vetkez“  llom nyokat               Demo containes the following
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  tartalmazza:                                  files:
  ~~~~~~~~~~~                                   ~~~~~

  þ LATEXT.EXE   - a demo (ezt futtasd!)        - the demo (run this!)
  þ LATEXT.DAT   - adat llom ny a demohoz       - demo database
  þ LATEXT1.S3M  - demo zene 1                  - demo music #1
  þ LATEXT2.S3M  - demo zene 2                  - demo music #2
  þ LATEXT3.S3M  - demo zene 3                  - demo music #3
  þ LATEXT4.S3M  - demo zene 4                  - demo music #4
  þ LATEXT.CFG   - hangk rtya be ll¡t s         - soundcard config file
  þ LATEXT.NFO   - amit most olvasol            - this file

  FIGYELEM!                                     WARNING!
  ---------                                     --------
  A demo  egy  £j  technol¢gia                  We have  used  very  new
  seg¡ts‚g‚vel - a  Scenest'96                  and  unusual  technology
  ‚s   az   Install   k‚perny“                  in this demo (hires TEXT)
  kiv‚tel‚vel - nagyfelbont s£                  except  Scenest '96  and
  TEXT m¢dban fut. A megfelel“                  Install screen. We spent
  sebess‚get hosszas optimali-                  long time with optimizing
  z l ssal ‚rtk el.                            our code  to  reach  the
                                                correct speed.

  A program 486 DX4-100-ra van                  This demo is optimized for
  optimaliz lva.                                486 DX4-100 CPU.

  Ha k‚telkedsz abban, hogy  a                  If you  don't  belive  that
  fent eml¡tett 2 r‚sz kiv‚te-                  our demo runs in TEXT mode,
  l‚vel, a demo TEXT m¢dban fut,                try to run a TSR clock first
  akkor ind¡ts el egy  rezidens                 and see, or  run  demo under
  ¢r t  a  demo   el“tt,   vagy                 Win95 in a resizeable window.
  futtasd Win95 alatt  ablakban
  (m‚retezhet“ lesz az ablak).

  Hardver ig‚ny:                                Hardware requirements:
  -------------                                 ---------------------
   - 386 CPU, vagy jobb                         - 386 CPU or better
   - 400 KB szabad DOS mem¢ria,                 - 400 KB free DOS memory
   - GUS, SB hangk rtya                         - GUS or SB soundcard
   - sz¡nes VGA monitor                         - color VGA monitor
   - 100% VGA k rtya                            - 100% VGA card

  Optim lis hardver:                            Optimal hardware:
  -----------------                             ----------------
   - 486 DX4-100 processzor                     - 486 DX4-100 CPU
   - Gravis Ultrasound                          - Gravis Ultrasound
   - sz¡nes VGA monitor                         - color VGA monitor
   - gyors VGA k rtya                           - fast VGA card

  Zene:                                         Music:
  ----                                          -----
  A  LATEXT.CFG  tartalmazza                    You can delete LATEXT.CFG.
  a hangk rtya konfigur ci¢t.                   This  means  LATEXT  demo
  Ha  elt”rl”d,  indul skor                     reconfigures  sound setup
  £jb¢l be ll¡thatod a saj t                    again.
  k rty dhoz a programot.

  El“fordulhat, hogy SB Pro                     Sometimes stereo settings
  hangk rtya sztereo be ll¡-                    on  SB  Pro  not   works.
  t sa eset‚n meg ll a demo                     Delete   LATEXT.CFG   and 
  az els“ zene megsz¢lal sa-                    change  your   setup   to 
  kor. Ekkor t”r”ld el a                        SB Pro mono (Sorry!). 
  LATEXT.CFG-t ‚s  ll¡tsd be
  SB Pro mono-ra (Bocs!).

                          Ú¿åçtàl ›åmpà›t members:

  MC csapat egyik alap¡t¢ja.                    One of MC team founders.
  Vil gosbarna haja  ‚s  k‚k                    Lightbrown  haired  and
  szeme van. Kl”n”s  ismer-                    blue eyed guy.
  tet“jele,   hogy   mindig                     He spends all his time
  k¢dol ‚s k¢dol.                               with coding and coding.
  Vagy esetleg C&C-t j tszik                    Sometimes he plays C&C
  h l¢zatban.                                   in the network.

  Az MC csapat m sik alap¡t¢ja.                 One of MC team founders.
  Barna haja ‚s z”ld szeme van.                 Brown haired and green
  Egy kicsit k”v‚rk‚s, de nem                   eyed one. And, well, he
  is szeretne sov ny lenni.                     is fat. But he not wants
  Van h rom gyereke ‚s egy fe-                  to be thin. He has three
  les‚ge.                                       children and a wife. He
  jszak nk‚nt zen‚t szerez.                    makes music in the night.

                   ðð     ðððð  ðððððð ðððððð ðð   ðð ðððððð
                   ðð    ðð  ðð   ðð   ðð      ðð ðð    ðð
                   ðð    ðððððð   ðð   ðððð     ððð     ðð
                   ðð    ðð  ðð   ðð   ðð      ðð ðð    ðð
                   ððððð ðð  ðð   ðð   ðððððð ðð   ðð   ðð

                     Copyright (c) Mortal Compact, 1996
              Portions copyright (c) Midas - Midas Sound System

       Released at Scenest '96 - Hungary, Budapest 1996  pril. 12-14.

                   ----=====ðððð THE END (?) ðððð====----