Mmm donuts by Priests Of Power

                            - Mmmmm Donuts -

This file is for us to explain to you, the humble demo-viewer, why our demo is
 such bullshit =)

  486+ (dx4 w/ VLB HIGHLY recommended =)
  1meg EMS (for SB) else just 550k or something =)
  SB or GUS or something that spurts out decent sound..
  umm VGA would be nice...
  keyboard (in case you get sick of it and want to stop the nightmare =)
  dos prompt and some hdd space..
  a complete absence of windows/windows95
  umm that'll do =)


 - The demo is, finally, speed compensated..
 - The floormapper seems to go a bit jerky sometimes..
    I'm not sure why, and quite frankly I dont give a shit coz it
    always looks jerky on my computer =) (dx33 NO VLB :()
 - It may crash.. Probably some running ptr somewhere.. But I've already
    spent so much time on that shit that I think I'll throw up if I look
    at the code again =)
 - Eating donuts while watching this demo has been rumored to enhance it's
    satirical effects, but this is unconfirmed..
 - Eating pancakes, while watching the demo or not, is definately a great
 - Note, if you DO come to Coven 96, we'll give you a free new version of
    this demo without the fucking Coven 96 advert at the end =)
 - A large part of this demo's credit belongs to the TV programs, The
    Commish and Silk Stalkings, as they gave me the stupidity late at night
    to actually code something =)
 - A large part of this demo's crapness belongs to my trusty SNES, which
    managed to deter me from coding 50% of the time I said I would code =)
 - The number of 'm's in the title is entirely variable, you can assume
    there are as many m's as you can be fucked thinking of.
 - Yoshi Roxors
 - To make your own copy of this demo, download and add water.
 - iRC is not recommended for coders who actually wish to code.
 - Chowderhead is a slacker who's donuts look like spheres with holes cut
    in em...
 - Oz96 sucked.. come to Coven 96 =) July, 96 in Adelaide.

Any more info regarding anything at all may or may not be found in
  POP-30.NFO... (if ya lucky)

l8r ppls...

   MZ/PoP 3am 29th Janurary 1996.