Amistyle by Reality [web]

	This is my entry into the Xmas #coders 256-byte intro
competition.  Simple effect, inspired by past Amiga demos!  For
smoothest animation don't run under Win-blows!

	Also supplied is a 444-byte intro which was what I was
originally trying to do in 256-bytes but couldn't get it below
412 bytes!

	Lastly, I think rather than doing 256-byte intros, we
should be doing 512-byte intros.  In 256 bytes once you've put
down the code to change modes (to hires and back), set-up the
palette, test for ESCape, wait for VertBlank, copy off-screen
buffer (if used) there isn't a hell of a lot of space left for
the actual effect.  In 512 bytes it is actually possible to
create a fairly complex and interesting effect and is much more
worthwhile.  Hell, in 512 bytes it's even possible to go 3D!
Also, 512 bytes is the same size as a boot-sector! It could be
called the Bootro compo! :D

SHAYDE/REALITY Dec97            shayde@wave.co.nz