Escape of the Rundsporthalle by Kryo [web]

At Breakpoint 2009,

     /              __
    /_/  /^ /  /  /  |
___/  \_/__|__/__|__/_____________________

            brings you:
  "Escape of the Rundsporthalle"

A 96kB game, made at the party with 
Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit 
(1988, for C64, cracked by Fairlight)

The year is 2009. The Rundsporthalle suddenly
powers up its ancient rockets and takes off 
to defend the free world.

The monsters:
- C= logo with teeth shooting balls
- 5.25" floppy shooting bit errors
- Hovering camera shooting evil glances
- Easter bunny shooting eggs

Sprite design and animation: Yarrick
Backgrounds and level design: lft