4klang by Alcatraz [web]

4klang is a modular software synthesizer intended to be used in 4k intros.
you are free to use it in your 4k intros if you give proper credits.

the vsti plugin allows you to basically use any host application you like for
composing a song. just put the 4klang.dll in the plugins folder or let some
path point to its location. 

4klang will output compiled .obj files which you can link to your executable,
so including it is quite easy (take a look at the example code).

4klang is provided as is. reporting bugs/requests and general feedback is
appreciated but changes depend on my time and mood :)

if you feel like sharing some intruments/songs you created with 4klang
(after you used it), feel free to contact us (email at the bottom) we'd like to
extend the examples.

the source code will probably also be released some day, but i just dont feel
like it right now since it was quite some work to get everything running as it
does now.

for questions, bug reports, rants ... mail to

or catch us on IRC (#atz on IRCNet)
have fun!

(c) gopher&powl
alcatraz 2009