Odds And Ends by Fulcrum [web]

Odds And Ends by Fulcrum (final version)
on the net: fulcrum.antisoc.net

- Windows (only tested on XP)
- OpenGL 2.0 compatible Videocard, since I use GLSL shaders and Frambuffer objects.
- A soundcard if you like your demos with music. 

Unfortunately this demo has only been tested on Nvidia hardware, please let me know (via the contact form on our website or a Pouet comment)
if it doesn't work on your (modern) ATI card and I'll see what I can do.

General info:
I wanted to do a quick demo to support the Rewired orgos, but I kept getting sidetracked adding new stuff to my demoframework. Especially shaders and framebuffer objects, which are not remotely as hard as I expected them to be, so I feel I should have done them yars ago. Anyway, we've finally joined the rest of the scene in the 21st centrury.

The demo uses several textures from cgtextures.com, and quite a few shaders are based on the RenderMonkey examples. Especially the fur shader, which is so nice and easy to do I wonder why I haven't seen it much before in a demo. the "real" rabbit is also from Rendermonkey (but IIRC I've seen it before), the Fluffmans model (which is the Rewired mascotte) is made by me in Blender. We could use real 2D/3D artists though, if you have talent and you wanrt to joing a group, please let us know!

This demo was coded during several sleep-deprived week(end)s. Anything that happens when you run it is not my fault.

This demo uses the following libraries:
SMPeg and SDL under the LGPL (see a copy in Flame/COPYING), JpegLib under the modified BSD license, Xerces under the Apache Software License 2.0, and ZLib and LibPNG under the zlib/libpng license;