Solskool - TRSAC 09 Invitation by Loonies [web]

Loonies present a Windows 4k intro:

Solskool - TRSAC 09 Invitation

Released (and mostly made) at Solskogen 2009


Blueberry: Code, Tool, Modelling
Maytz: Design, Modelling
Booster: Music
Mentor: Mentorization


We are once again having TRSAC, and entirely in keeping with
the usual way of things, it is in a new location this time:
sunny Aarhus, Venice of the eastern seaboard, shining beacon
of culture and all-round nice place.

TRSAC started out as an objection to The Party becoming too
non-scenish around 2000 (way before that, actually - but around
there was the last straw!) - and it's still going strong! Come
join the fun at TRSAC - organized *by* active sceners *for*
active sceners (well... inactive sceners are welcome too ;) ). 

Just like last year, we are having the party in the third
weekend of October: 16th to 18th of October to be exact. The
location is Aarhus, central Jutland, Denmark - easy to reach by
car, plane, train and ferry. So basically you have no excuse
for not joining us in yet another celebration of the demoscene
and of pepper schnapps.

Read more at www.trsac.dk