Kraken by The Digital Artists [web]

Kraken by The Digital Artists // for Assembly'09 4K intro compo

The compo version needs to be run in Mac OS X 10.5.7 with Xcode
installed.  If running on other versions of OS 10.5, or without
Xcode, please run one of the compatibility enhanced binaries

At least a 2GHz Intel CPU with  SSE3 and 2GB of RAM is required
and an ATI HD4870 graphics card or one with similar performance
is recommended.  Any chipset-integrated graphics like GMA X1300
or Nvidia  9400M just don't have  the oomph  but we do  plan to
release  a more  lightweight   "laptop version"  of  the  intro
sometime later ln.

The intro  itself is coded  completely in  x86 assembly,  and a
large portion of the time spent on it was used for creating our
own  development  tools (compressor,  hashing dynloader,  music
tracker, etc) from scratch. The synthesizer is basically a 6581
SID clone with per-voice filters and variable delay lines.

This product was not intended  to be just a proof of concept of
our Mac OS X 4K intro  framework,  but unfortunately we ran out
of time and couldn't implement all the ideas we had.