Chest by The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc. [web]

 - CHEST by The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc. -

 0. Introduction
 1. Keys to success
 2. Contact
 3. Credits
 4. Notes from the authors

0. Introduction
 Chest is an old-style puzzle-game where your main goal is to 
 collect all the keys and get the incredibly awesome treasures
 of THE chest. But be aware, there are enemies which
 will KILL you if you are not careful. Archer will shoot
 at any of the four directions and it will be instant death for
 you. However, he can't shoot through the mist of the water pools,
 so you'll be safe as long as there's water inbetween.
 Dragon will send blazing hot fireballs at you once all keys
 are collected. Use boxes and the help offered by the lonely 
 walker to block those attacks. He'll turn whenever there's 
 anything on his way, be it a box or yourself.

1. Keys to success
 Arrows........  Moving character
 r.............  Restart level
 Space/Return..  Confirmation key
 Esc...........  Escape button!
 Windows Vista users should run the game from file vistarunme.bat!
 It's also adviced not to use the 320x240 fullscreen mode on Vista,
 it may crash the game.

2. Contact
 ninjafanmail@gmail.com or something

3. Credits
 Code..........  Startti  / The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc.
 Music.........  liitin   / The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc.
 Graphics......  Dysposin / The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc.

4. Notes from the authors
 Lots of stuff was put together in less than a week so
 glitches and equiv. are probable. If we have time, the final
 version will be baked and released some day with shiny level
 editor etc.
 At least we try to offer a patch at the gamedev update #1
 which will fix the most notable bugs/issues.

 When the final version (yeah right) will be ready, there are
 better levels with better balance in difficulty.
 As said,
 this version has been made in hurry, so... sorry? :)

 - CHEST by The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc -