Somewhat Less Limited Capabilities by Noice [web]

Release info
Name: Somewhat Less Limited Capabilities
Platform: ZX-81 with atleast 16kb expansion
Release Date: 2009-09-13
Code: Andreas Gustafsson aka. Shadow/Noice
Picture: Håkon Repstad aka. Archmage

History behind this demo
After my first little demo for the unexpanded ZX81 called
"Severly Limited Capabilites" I still felt that I wanted
to play around a bit more with the platform.
I decided to make use of the RAM expansion, which as I understand
it was quite common back in the day. No wonder, since the
default 1kb RAM renders the computer almost useless!
This demo is running completely using custom graphics modes,
all parts except the end plasma runs in a 32x48 mode, which
gives a bit more usable adressing map compared to the normal
32x24 mode (or 64x48 graphics mode, which essentially is just
the text-mode used with a few pre-defined characters).
Note that no hires-addon or other hardware mods is needed.

How to run it
Run the .81 file in your ZX-81 emulator of choice (EightyOne recommended).
Remember to enable 16kb expansion!
If you are the lucky owner of some real hardware, you can play the MP3 file
which you can find on my homepage from your computer or an mp3-player to 
load it via the cassette-interface on the ZX-81. Note that it will take more
than four minutes to load the 10kb binary - the tape interface on the ZX81
is sloooow...

Additional info
Created with sjasmplus + my own little ZX81 linker.

Contact info