Trendwhore by Still [web]

Still-04 >> Trendwhore

for main 2009


  dq     >> music
  pirx   >> code
  pixtur >> design

  made with Tooll developed by cynic, pirx, pixtur, mad, admiral

  uses bass sound system
  uses upx packer

  The track "gigo" was already released on dq's album on uran97.
  We decided that it's too good to exists without a proper demo for it!


This is a party-production without concept, design, effects... You name it. 
It was done in 72 hours before the main-party, perfectly aiming for the 
dead line.

Get capture, screenshots and more information at 

  >> www.still-scene.org


- Nvidia gfx card with 256mb
- Latest driver you can get for your gfx card (and hope it works)
- WinXP/Vista

Technical Notes

Demo currently only works on nvidia cards. As we're using vertex texture
fetch, it should run on ati cards with hd2000 architecture or newer, but 
currently there's something wrong with the visual result. We'll try to fix
this in a final version...

We adore

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  >> Andromeda
  >> ASD
  >> Archee
  >> Bitfellas
  >> Black Maiden
  >> Brain Control
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  >> Stravaganza
  >> Synesthetics
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  >> The Black Lotus
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  >> Traction

Personal Greetings

cynic >>   acryl, admiral, alien, ava, axel, bodo, boyc, captain chaos, chaos, 
           cp, cyclone, dalezy, delirium, digisnap, dipswitch, dq, dreamer, 
           droid, erium, eyebex, fuzzel, gargaj, helge, hellfire, hypo, iq, k, 
           krill, matt,melwyn, molle, muhmac, nero, netpoet, noname, pandur, 
           pos, poti, ps, ramses, sheijk, silicium, sire, styx, titus, 
           visualice, wayfinder, xenon, xni, xxx, zoom

mad >>     cynic, pixtur, sire, helge, digisnap, sharon, nero, alien, dalezy, 
           krill, stingray, wayfinder, chaos, ryg, kb, paniq, cp, mad, faith, 
           hunta, eric, slack, shash, petsy, melwyn, dipswitch, pandur, tobi, 
           cyraxx, all

pirx >>    calysta, xylobiont, tajo, noncolor, inferno, admiral, alien, bika, 
           boyc, dalezy, digisnap, dq, gloom, gargaj, helge, k, krill, mad, navis, 
           nero, phoenix, sheijk, sire, trixter, virgill, wayfinder, xni, xxx, zoom

pixtur >>  lena, admiral, alien, bodo, bonzaj, chaos, cp, dalezy, digisnap, 
           dipswitch, dq, eric, fiver2, gargaj, gizmo, gloom, gother, h2o, helge, 
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           nosfe, nytric, pandur, poti, ramses, ronny, ryg, shakul, sheijk, 
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           xxx, zoom