Toxic by Garbage

                      A  G a r b a G e  P r o d u c t i o n

                  ÜÜÜÛÜÛÛÛ²  ²ÛÜÜÛÛ   ²ÜÜ   Üܱ  ÛÛ²  ÜÛÜ  Ü
                  ²  ÛÛ± ²± ²ÛÛ±  ÛÛ² ±± Û Û ±° ²ÞÛ± ² Ûß ßÛ
                  ± ²ÛÛ° ±° ±ÛÛ°  ÛÛ± °°  Û   ° ± Û± ±²Û    Ü
                  ° ²ÜÛ² °  ±ÛÛ  Üß±°  ° Ü Ü ±  °Þ ° ±±±Ü Ü  ±
                    ±ÛÛ± °  ° Ûßß ²±° ²ßß± ±ßß± °ÞÛ° ± ±   ß °
                    ± °°    ° ±°²°²°  ±± ° °² ° °²   ° °± ²  °
                    °       ° ± ±°  °°   °± °  ± °   °  ±
                    °       ° ° ° ±    °    °    ± ° °
                                ° °    °    °    °   ° °

                               (lame thedraw font!)
  Ã-ú Da Crew

                .extacy . stretch^stars^bump^tunnel^creds^low_level_routines
                .akira  . crazy_thinggies_with_fire^bouncing_balls
                .alle   . scaling&vga routines

                .falcon ^ radioactive design

                .extacy    . all_except_first_logo
                .deadbrain . first_logo

                .midas v0.6.1 ^ sahara_surfers

                .pmode/w v1.33 ^ tran & daredevil

  Ã-ú Some Technical Stuff

    the demo should run fine on computers higher than 486dx2, cuz that was
  the worst configuration it ran on... we tried to make it run on 486sx, and
  it just simply crashed with a pmode/w exception error.

    ofcoz that the best system to view this demo would be a pentium, but hey
  nobody's perfect :)

    to hear the cewl music, you need to have all your sound drivers loaded,
  this is for sb guyz. you gus people out there, i don't have the foggiest
  idea what's the proper config, but we trust midas to take care of everything
  fer ya...

    if you still have problems, run the demo with "/setup" and masturbate
  midas yourself. :)

    all the fx use standart vga modes...bueergh! :). what i mean is, its all
  in good old mode 13h. i already read sum stuff about vesa 2.0 lfb modes,
  which are supposed to be as fast (faster?) then mode 13h, but my damn
  trident card doesn't support them... arrrgghh!!!...
    maybe next time....

  Ã-ú Stuff we used

    my part of the code was typed in the good old ms-edit, the compiler we
  used is ofcoz Watcom C v10.0. turbo assembler 4.0 was used to compile the
  assembler modules. also, the famous pmode/w dos extender was used, along
  with midas, an outstanding sound system.
    the grafix were made in 3ds, with a little help from paintshop pro 4.0
  and the cewl kai's power tools. the simple 97 logo was made by the
  party organization. we are sorry for ruining it. we just had to correct it.
    asmedit v1.82 was used to type in the asm code. cubic player 1.7 was
  used to hear several hair raising tunes while coding.
    the data file is a packed file made with my packing utilities, which are
  not released to the general public (yet).
    fast tracker 2 was used to convert the s3m module to a xm module, so we
  could insert the W?? markers in the music, and sync the whole thing.
    the lame ascii on top of this file was made in the draw.

  Ã-ú Why are we lame?

    well, this demo was made in quite a hurry... we heard about simple97
  about 2 months before the party, and we had NOTHING coded... not even basic
  grafix routines. this happened cuz i just had moved from pascal to c, and
  was trying to understand how watcom worked...

    this little thinggy was what we could make in such a short notice. you
  should wait a bit more for our first megademo, perhaps coming at the end of
  the year... in the meanwhile, we settled with this :)

  Ã-ú Greets, Thanks and Hellos

    extacy thanks&greets the following people...

    alle thanks&greets the following people...

        All Thetars (Terminus and Valts that is)
        Adept: Yez.. . Indeed. :] (just as I promised)
        Marq: Maanantaina makkarat tehtiin (you know :)
        JWB: Curriculum grande ad finita..... (wise?)
        Dbd7pro: Keep up the good work, babe ;)
        Yzi, Pete, MRI, Kneebiter, Virne, Dedal, Kryos, Hax, Aap, Asmu,
        everybody else I forgot (sorry!)

    akira is about to speak...
 " I'd like to say howdy to the following people (although most of them will
  probably never read this). The order of appearance doesn't mean a thing.
   Jojo, Ulrich, AB, Mano, Lisa Jesse, Aphex Twin,
   Helena (jaja, ich arsch hab nich geschrieben, ich weiá)
   Fio, Jan (both of them),
   my physics teacher (he helped my out a little with those fancy equations)
   Denthor of Asphixia (his tutorials tought ALOT of the grafix coding basics)
   and everyone else I forgot...

   hey, want to be famous?? add your name to the list and show your friends
   that Garbage actually GREETED YOU!!

   Most people love to greet famous groups &/or people like Future Crew,
   Iguana, Sympathy, ACiD and so on.
   I never met or talked (or e-mailed or whatevered) them, so I think it
   would be kinda stupid to greet them... "
    the others just dont care... 8)