Unsigned by Byterapers [web]

- U N S I G N E D -        (v1.10 final)
(C) 2009 Suckho of BYTERAPERS, INC.

* Released at:
Alternative Party 2009
Helsinki, Finland, 24.10.2009

Ranked 2nd in the Alternative Demo 
competition (the combined demo compo).

* Credits:
Code & GFX:   Suckho (Saku Tiainen)
Music & SFX:  GRG (Glenn Rune Gallefoss)

Libraries and tools used:
Loader by Cadaver of Covert BitOps
PuCrunch by Albert of Pu-239

* Release notes:
UNSIGNED is a Commodore 64 demo for the
AltParty 09 alternative demo competition.

It runs on a real C64 hardware (tested 
on 1541u and the original 1541) as well 
as on all well-known C64 emulators, such
as VICE, Frodo, Frodo S60, or CCS64.

There are two D64 images in the package: 
Normal version for real hardware and 
non-laggy emulators, and 200ms delayed 
version for emulators with some sound
lag. Both work on HW and emulators, only
the audio sync is slightly different. Try 
which one works best for your emulator. 
You can also avoid lag with emulator's 
sound settings.

Changes in the final release v1.10:
-newer covert BitOps Loader v2.23
-slightly optimized disk image
-improved loading times
-improved performance in some parts
-couple of minor fixes

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* Contacts:
suckho[at]byterapers.com (Saku Tiainen)