growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional by Those Up Fucked Sceners [web]

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        /            \      |     \      .__/ \__________ \          
 _ __,//              \_    |      \_    |   _/      |     \_\.__ _ 	
    ¯`\\_________     //_____       /____|   \________      //'¯     
                \_____/     \______/     [nMn]       \_____/         

                           -. T U F S .-

         Growing old is mandatory ; Growing up is optional


                      demoscript : proteque
                 music & objects : xni 
                             Gfx : tFt
                     intro/outro : tFt&proteque
                      enginecode : pantaloon/fairlight

    a  salute to the one and only RESPONSE/DARKLITE who is the
    big  " 3 0 " today 20.03.2010.  Great love and best wishes
             from the entire TUFS and DARKLITE crew :)

          Here are some birthday greetings from friends:

       "happy 30th, wishing another 30, and see you soon!;)"

                                                      - Gargaj

                        "Nuori olet vielä"

                                                         - DDT

         "Leve Response! Never grow up, never grow dull!"

                                                       - Elfan

               "Response, Jeg har altid elsket dig!"

                                      (din for altid) - FarFar

                     "Aldri gi opp galskapen"

                                                       - Kusma

       "Du  e  bæst  på  fæst  å  husk du bli itj snøgg uten

                                                   - Spookysys

                     "grattis fra rloaderro" 

                                                   - Loaderror

    "growing  old  is  mandatory,  but  pants  off a day keeps
                                              growing up away"

                                                  - Waffle(fi)

     "Kenneth, du vakre vakre menneske.Vi må leke mer sammen"

                                                      - Menace

               "30 more years of this? Bring it on"

                                                     - Sinatra 

    "I  wish  Response a big bunch of whores that can pee real
    beer  directly into his mouth, then, while they fart him a
    nice  birthday-song,  they  will fuck the shit out of him.
    As    Response    is    a   true   superstar-drinker   and
    pornstar-fucker,  he  can  handle both challanges at once,
    thanks   to   his   enormous   FLEISCHPENIS!   Die  norske
                 superknullers!  Keep on rocking!"

                                                  - Bitbreaker

             "je vil gjerne helse dej på gebursdagen"

                                                    - proteque

    "I  wish  RESPONSE  all  the  stinkiest stink in the whole
    world!  He is a farty-fart-fartonk fart and I wish him all
                            the best!"

                                                  - fieserWolf

    "Gratulerer  med  30aars  dagen  til  det kuleste og beste
    soskenbarnet!   Ha en alle tiders bursdagsfeiring,og enjoy
                           the pilkts!"

                                      (Bursdagsklem) - Zar0niX

    "Happy  birthday  mate.Thanks  for all the good times with
    you,  great  partys and a lot of fun and stupidity we have
    shared  together.  I'll guess it's not over yet, since you
    starting   to  get  old!   Keep  up  the  good  work  with
                        everything you do!"

                                                    - spexzter

                       "Gratulere men daa-n"

                                                      - djFess

    "howdy!   A  big  happy  birthday  from  me, myself and I.
    Hopefully  you're  not  celebrating  in a plane, could get
    messy...   Hope you'll continue to show up at kindergarden
       for many years still even thoug you're getting older"

                                                        - leia

    "jaa,  tiiiaa  går.   Du  er  vel  itte så rask å rørig du
    heller  lenger  nå da, ja tia går ja.....ååå jau duuuh, dæ
                        va morrosamme tier"

                                                         - tFt


                           Greetings to:

    accession  apathy  andromeda  ASD  bitflavour  boozoholics 
    brainstorm  creators  dajormas  damones  darklite  darkage 
    dcs dekadence depth  DHS  elude ephidrena excess fairlight
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    spaceballs  speedfisters  squirrelz  supergroup  TBC   TBL  
    Ümlaütdesign uprough wamma whelpz

                             TUFS are:

                   xni       -    music, 3d, 2d
                   tft       -    2d, banners
                   elmah     -    music, entertaining
                   nerve     -    code
                   slc       -    code
                   oyvindr   -    photo, drink beer
                   morbuz    -    code, 2d, 3d
                   termos    -    code
                   proteque  -    code, 2d, music, banners
                   nicomen   -    code, 2d, ascii
                   snorlax   -    code
                   how       -    code
                   kerb      -    chillin


               for joining TUFS or any other reason
         contact tft@darklite.org or gjorans@proteque.org 

              ...Thoose Unbelievable Foxy Sceners...