Waveride by Straylight

                    Waveride by Straylight
                    - March 25, 2010

Welp, not much to say.  I said I was going to create a demo a week until I had
a clue what I was doing.  Waveride is the first of these demos, and I'm pretty 
damn proud of it.  It's not perfect, and I'm not terribly happy with having 
used an off-the-shelf song for it, but eh.

Decided to sit down and write a demo, and I did it.  That was 1am, this is 8am.
Can't complain too much.

Developed and designed by Daeken.
Music is Miriel by Nightbeat (I believe this is cool -- if not, please, please 
let me know, and I'll change it at once.)

Greets to:

Until next time,
- Daeken