quadratic splines by Positivity [web] & Arm's Tech [web]

Quadratic splines
478 bytes bootsector for Outline 2010

Code by baah/(Arm's Tech + Positivity)
Sound by Cyclone/X-Troll

* 16336 bytes program crunched down to 436
  (1:37 ratio) using a word version of my
  homebrew lz77 packer.
* 42 (yeah!) bytes depacker.
* 6*128=768 points quadratic splines
* All loops unrolled for speed, and for better
  compression! ;)

To build it:
 1.assemble QUAD.S into QUAD.PRG
   (devpac 2.25F used)
 2.run PACKWORD.BAT on m$do$ or else...
   (it extracts 16336 bytes code into
   quad.bin & packs it into quad.wpk)
 3.assemble PUT_QUAD.S as PUT_BOOT.TOS
 4.insert a blank floppy
 5.run PUT_QUAD.TOS & press space :)

Hope you enjoy!
Alain Brobecker, 2010/04/19