SandS 15 years by SandS [web]

Welcome to the SandS 15 years musicdisk!
15 years of composing tracker music, 15 years of coding and designing demos and intros, 10 years of www.demoscene.ru maintenance. And still active. Thanks to support and love of our friends!
This musicdisk was made by NetEraser (code), Hardrum/HRG (photos), Manwe, Slightly Magic, C-jeff, LAVender, Preston, Rain, Treks, Tarh, Lyzzard, Louigi Verona (music).

Track list (32:20 total) :

"15 Years" by Manwe.
This short tune was composed by Manwe in 1996 as a test of his new Gravis UltraSound PnP card with 2 Mb onboard RAM. Is it possible to fill all the GUS memory with Ensoniq samples? The answer was “surprisingly yes”. Meet the reverse side of 16 bit samples.

"Evening Glow" by Manwe.
60 kb tune. DMO effects used (thanks to Lyzzard/Cornercut for tweaking). Impulse Tracker 2.15 compression used as well. Actually, it is not possible to use DMO and packing simultaneously. So, Manwe made a hack, composing the parts of two modules (packed and effected) in HEX editor. It took about one hour of bytes hunting (excluding time for research). The tune took first place in ChipYha#5 music compo in 64kb nomination.

"Infofile" by Rain.
This tune was recorded on the Sound Blaster Live by Rain (while living in hostel) on his cheap Musima Deluxe 25k guitar which was processed by Guitar FX Box. The sound effect (Western Digital 80Gb HDD starting and parking noise) was recorded with extra cheap mic. 27 channels used, 2 Mb file size.

"Jazz Mood" by Slightly Magic.
Finished especially for this musicdisk (started in 1999). The first jazz style attempt by Slightly Magic. Since that time he uses contemporary jazz and easy listening as his main styles (check www.officeband.ru). So, here you can hear how it all begins.

"Little Spider in Forest" by Manwe.
This jazzy tune was composed and played by Manwe on his Petroff piano. The lite version of this tune was contributed to ChipYha#5 music compo where it took second place in 64kb nomination. Yes, this 9 Mb Impulse Tracker module was optimized to 64 Kb with no fatal quality loss.

"Onslaught" by LAVender.
Tracked by LAVender for a comic shooter game. Played on Behringer V-Tone guitar through the Berhringer GM-108 compo amplifier. The final part with Hammond organ is so funky!

"Positive Thoughts" by Treks.
Treks sends a pure tracker feeling from 2000. Nowadays Treks is a designer. You can find his work on his site www.abstrukt.com.

"Ropeman" by Preston.
Preston on the DJ console! Louigi Verona played a flute live. 23 channels Impulse Tracker module. We used extended version of this tune in "Be Rich 2" game by DivoGames.

"Sands in Concrete" by Tarh & C-jeff
Tarh played an acoustic guitar, C-jeff did the rest. Some samples by Manwe, some was ripped from John Coltrane session. The song is absolutely unnormal.

"Song for Lena" by Manwe.
The minor back guitar part was shown to Manwe by his friend in 1991 while Manwe learned to play guitar (the tune starts from this part). Manwe changed a few notes to make the major part, combined both parts and tracked the song on BK-0010 computer in 1994 or 1995. Here is the remake made in Impulse Tracker. Dedicated to his wife Lena.
Released on DiHalt demopaty.

"Summer Guitar" by Manwe & C-jeff.
Manwe recorded guitar, tracked the bass and sent the module to C-jeff who played the keys and tracked the drums. Short version of the tune was released on DiHalt demoparty in 2007.
An interactive version of this Impulse Tracker module was used in “Spiderz!” game by our scene friend Haaf.

"Tycoon" by Slightly Magic.
Slightly Magic did the cover of his favorite "Transport Tycoon" game theme. In 1999. The song was hidden from Slightly Magic fans untill now.

Greetings to Five Musicians, Future Crew, Renaissance, Triton, Analogue, KFMF, NOISE, Vibrants, Maniacs of Noise, Jecoute, Chill, Milk, Razor1911, Titan, Tokyo Fawn Records, MONO, CornerCut, UltraSound, BASS, BitFellas, Rebels, Brainstorm, Looker House, T-Rex, Quite, deMarche, 7Dumb, NightRadio, Skrju, SceneMusic.eu crerw, #trax and everyone on the tracker scene!