Dislocated by Bandwagon [web]

                             - DISLOCATED -

 Bandwagon production 1997

 Introductory disclaimer:

        Bandwagon dislikes elitist sceners, who think the only good
        productions are those made by themselves or their friends. If
        you are one (and you know if you are), stop reading this
        infofile, never run this production, simply erase it from your
        harddrive and don't look back. And most important of all, don't come
        telling us we've ripped ideas or effects or that this production is
        such an utter piece of shit we never should've released it.
        Intelligent criticism with some reasons thrown in is a throughly
        different case and of course always welcome.

 About this intro:

        For the commandline, try these:
                /n        no sound
                /r:?????  use SB-rate of ?????
                /g        use SB instead of GUS if both are attached

        486DX/50 recommended, it does run with anything above 386SX.
        GUS required for audio enjoyment, I couldn't be bothered to include
        my SB-"player", cos' it sucks and most important of all, my
        clever don't work with the SB-player so the executable would be
        something like 80k. Neckfreak did drew some graphics and coded the
        whole thing. Gspot made the music. Scythe drew the font and the logo.
        Radiance made the GUS-player. See BW??????.TXT for contact info, don't
        hesitate to contact us.