Videostop 512b by AmiGanS [web]

Short: Videostop
Description: Old classic game with three cubes
Platform: ZX Spectrum 48/128k (sorry, not for ZXS 16k, but can be, not problem)
Files: start basic + 512 bytes main code (100% assembler)
Author: POXOFT/uZeroNiq 2010

Tested on Didaktik Gama model 1989, ZX Spectrum 48k, ZX Spectrum +2 and +2A.
Code not crunched, code not use ROM memory routines.

Runable on all (?) ZX Spectrum emulators - set 48k or 128k mode

1, insert TAP file
2, type LOAD "" and press ENTER (ZXS command line - LOAD is keyword on "J" key)
3, loaded ? Press any key to Action :-)
4, look at cubes and when are same two or three cubes press any key for score
5, enjoy :-)

Release for the demoscene party Artway 2010