blind by Eufrosyne

          ..eufrosyne ..blind ..64kb intro ..released at assembly'96

        credits       coded by suckho, graphics & audio by duke

        instructions  start the intro by typing blind. esc is escape.
                      spacebar is fast forward. other keys do nothing. 
                      no hidden parts.
        info          should work fine under qemm, himem, msdos7, etc.
                      uses gravis ultrasound for audio. sound blaster
                      supported only due to the competition rules. music 
                      is not the same on sb and gus. pentium or fast 486 
                      with gus recomended. 386 with vga and no soundcard 
                      required. 100% of the intro is coded with tasm. no
                      pascal, c, etc code exists. 

        progs used    borland turbo assembler, deluxe paint, fast tracker
                      image alchemy, borland turbo pascal, pmode by tran
                      mxmplay by cubic, pklite

        license       you can spread this intro freely. if you are going 
                      to add this intro on any CD-ROM, please inform us. 
                      you must not modify anything in this intro. we are 
                      not responsible for any damage this intro may cause. 

        contacts      gaia +358-17-2624311  [eufrosyne whq]

                      saku tiainen            tomi korkalainen
                      kellotarhantie 5        kirkkotie 21
                      70460 kuopio            72100 karttula
                      finland                 finland                    
        memberlist    xt  [coder, sysop]
                      suckho  [coder]
                      yucca  [musician]
                      dr.voice  [musician]
                      trevize  [trader]
                      noize  [musician]
                      duke / paragon [musician, graphician]

        thanks        tran [pmode], cubic [mxmplay]
        greetings     rommel, kraku, pacman, pode, mazor, trevize, xt 
                      mare, dr.voice, yucca, noize, cyberpig, santac
                      diezel, vitulla päähän ryhmä, all paragon members
                      all mass members, assembly oranizers, all we forgot
                      and everyone who voted us

        end words     jiihaa.   
                                                      16.08.1996   Suckho