Komposter by The Digital Artists [web]

Komposter v2.0 beta 1                   by Firehawk/The Digital Artists

Komposter is a lightweight music composing system intended mainly to be
used in applications where the size of the executable must be minimized
such as 4K and 64K intros which render the audio at runtime.

It  is built  upon a fully  modular "virtual  analog"  model, where the
composer  can  build  the synthesizers from scratch  using simple basic
building blocks. This minimizes the amount of code  required and relies
more on data, which can be compressed more effectively.

A simple  pattern-based  sequencer is used to create songs which use up
to  24 voices,  each of which  can use  a different  synthesizer.  Each
synthesizer  can be  programmed  with a number  of patches  that can be
switched between patterns.

Included with Komposter is a music player with full x86 assembly source
code as well as a converter  for generating nasm-includeable files from
song files. Source code for the converter is also provided.

As Komposter is still in its early  beta stage, please give me feedback
on any bugs you may encounter or features you'd like to see added. Read
the releasenotes.txt in the doc -folder for the latest info.