Expanding Universe by JAC! [web]

;	>> Expanding Universe <<
;	Two 32 bytes intros for the Atari 800 XL (c) 2010-10-19 by JAC!
;	There already was evidence that the universe is expanding permanently.
;	Now there is also evidence, that it originally started with 32 bytes ;-)
;	This one shows a twirl of particles which expands with every iteration.
;	In the end it will become a chaotic star field.
;	At certain times during the expansion, there balance between dark matter
;	and normal matter is broken. This is indicated by a changing background color.
;	If the background changes back to black again, it is save to turn off the
;	demo without destroying the earth.
;	The first version uses a black background at the expense of having a group 
;	of smaller, even more chaotic Atari particles in the upper quarter.
;	The second version forces all particles to be small and to behave less chaotic at
;	the expense of having a background based on the blue sky instead of the dark space.
;	Since the zero page content is destroyed completely, you have to cold start your Atari.
;	Since the zero page also contains frame counters, the effect is always a different
;	depending on how long the machine is already running. 
;	Created using WUDSN IDE. Visit http://www.wudsn.com to increase my hit counter.