Destination within by Bilotrip [web]

TAWA Space Team
featuring Bilotrip and Valmet Children


Destination within

"What does it feel like when your synapses are misfiring?"


The closest representation I can find for the erratic 
closed eye visuals produced by Amanita Muscaria

(for Mac OS X and Win32)

Uses Trilobit ScriPtable Lua Interactive MultiplatForm (SPLIF)


Visuals: TAWA Space Team feat. visy/bilotrip
Audio:   Valmet Children (Meshraker)


- Run runme.osx for Mac OS X (defaults to fullscreen in current resolution)
- Takes a while to load, please be patient
- This is a dynamic demo, so each time you run it will be different
- Yes, it's large. Size optimization was not one of the goals
- Thanks are in order for all the teacher plants consumed during the production

Special tricks:

main.exe 800  600  75  0
  ./main 640  480  60  1
         xres yres hz  windowed?

Greetings to our friends all over the world.

email: vp79799(at)gmail.com