Wishful Twinkling by Fnuque [web] & Loonies [web]

Zero polygons, one shader, two days of party scripting.

Result: A 4k intro for TRSAC 2010 called Wishful Twinkling.

Presented to you by Fnuque and Loonies.


Music: Punqtured
Code and modelling: Blueberry
Direction and colors: Maytz

Requires a Windows PC with:
- Up-to-date DirectX runtime (d3dx9_42.dll)
- Shader model 2.0 or better
- Support for large point sprites
  (Most NVIDIA cards should be fine. On ATI and Intel
   cards, the background will look somewhat blotchy,
   due to a maximum point size of 256 pixels.)

Sorry for the slim choice of resolutions. We ought to make a
selector and some letterboxing at some point...

Greetings to all TRSAC visitors, and thank you for a great party!