Cernunnos by Traction [web]

  .: Cernunnos :
   : a Traction demo for TMDC 13 :.
  .: Credits:
  	 Preacher - demo programming and graphics
  	 Fictionapalm - music
  	 Vulture - engine programming 
  	 Deathy - meshes (recycled from Brainstorm - Lucifer :))
  	 uses FMOD, LibCaCa and DevIL :.

  .: Some words: The demo was supposed to be released in
  	 2007 but I didn't have the time to finish it then, 
  	 and then I thought I'd lost the source code until I 
  	 recently rediscovered it on an old hard drive and 
  	 decided to complete it for TMDC 13. 
  	 My original concept was pretty much this: since
  	 LibCaCa lives up to its name and makes everything
  	 look like shit, why not try abusing that and make
  	 a really noisy and gritty demo? That said, most of 
  	 the effects could still be described as "all the 
  	 old stuff that I wrote when I was in high school but
  	 never released". 
  	 (except that I never coded a mesh rotator thing...
  	  this is my first one and it was done from
  	  scratch :))
  	 Well, at least it's noisy and gritty. :.
  .: Visit us at http://traction.untergrund.net :.