Trip To The Sky by Komojo

a Text Mode Demo For TMDC 13
by Komojo (komojo@gmail.com)

It's time for another text mode demo competition and I'm back with another demo!
This is my second completed demo.  The first was my entry for last year's TMDC,
which was basically a test of my music synthesizer.  This time I am again using
procedural graphics and music, and I managed to get the file down to 128kb. It's
still a bit short, but longer than the last one.

The visuals are pseudo-tribal imagery with various doodles not based on anything
specific (except for the first scene.) The music features compressed samples and
FM synthesis.  This was fun to make, and I'm looking forward to seeing the other
entries for TMDC this year.  :)

Code: Komojo
Graphics: Komojo
Music: Komojo

EXE compression: UPX
Panflute and bongo drums: Something I found on modarchive.org
Snare drum: Ample Mammal