THOOWHAMMO! by Disaster Area [web]


   by disasterarea
    @ Syntax 2010

An4kiR - music, gfx
ctrix - gfx
ript - code

Requires 68000+OCS+512/512 to run.
Faster CPU recommended.

The effects were put together
a fair while before Syntax,
various bits done here and there.

With a week or so left before the
party, we spent a couple of days
getting together gfx/music and a
method of sync...

... and then it all ended up being
slapped together at the party.

It was pretty much a partymess of
a production - we had a heap of
stuff in there that wasn't used, etc.

After the party, An4kiR cut the data 
back down to size and ript spent AGES
playing hunk-tetris to get this
thing to load on a 512/512 a500 from
a bare boot CLI...

...which may or may not have been
a waste of time.  While the effects
run 50hz on a500 by themselves, add
the music replayer and it all goes
to hell pretty quick.

Plus without enough RAM, images had
to be (slowly) de-ILBMed on the fly...

Nice to know the frameskipping works!


Hellohello to:

WOW, Defame, Chrome, Ikari, Onslaught,
TTT, Crass, Affinity, Xtatic, Kaolin,
Unique, Spaceballs, MFX, Orb, ADF, JML,
Accession, Inward, Approximate, d42,
Conspiracy, etc ...

All @ Syntax 2010 which of course, was a
great party ... 

See you all at Flashback 2011, biatches!
Details at http://www.defame.com.au/