dead cells by Haujobb

  "nothing left
   inside of me
   but the poison
   dead cells
   brains raped
   burned veins"

. Haujobb 64kb intro elevator 2000

  Droid       Melwyn        SolarC
  thanks to hellfire, sagacity and 
  cynic for their code support.

. Windows mmx (300Mhz+) Sound card

  doesn't work? just kill yourself

. Now this  doesn't tell  about us 
  or  any certain  person we know.
  Just wanted to do something 
  differend for a change.                   (it took 20min to create this
                                             infofile. and 2 days for intro  

. prods      http://www.haujobb.de           we are very bad. we need to 
                                             get some inspiration..)
  haujobb haujobb@uni-paderborn.de
  droid       droid@freenet.hut.fi
  melwyn             melwyn@dlc.fi
  solarc   mika.schulman@sonera.fi
6¦0002000 haujobb¦02001 elevator3¦