numb res by Carillon & Cyberiad [web] & Fairlight [web]

numb res
by cncd & fairlight 2011.1
presented in steroscopic 3d

visuals by destop 
visuals by smash
music by stereo wildlife

(www.zebracolor.fi directtovideo.wordpress.com www.stereowildlife.co.uk)

special thanks to louie500, mazor, pantaloon, rc55, gernot ziegler and others.
big thanks to tom for making the changes to the track on short notice.

requires windows xp or later, directx9.0c, a geforce 280 or better (or ati equivalent). 
at least 768mb of vram recommended. ok..required.

native / recommended resolution: fullscreen 1280x720. 

this demo is designed for and best viewed in steroscopic 3d. in the dark. 
enable the "analglyph 3d" option on the setup dialog. 
red/cyan glasses are required, geforce 480 or better recommended.
(naturally we're open to donations of high end 3d viewing equipment to support other schemes.)

officially sanctioned 720p video captures here:
http://fairlight.untergrund.net/cncdflt_numb_res.mp4		(2d version)
http://fairlight.untergrund.net/cncdflt_numb_res_analglpyh.mp4	(3d version)

im sure i'll go into this in great detail in a future blog post but here's something for those who understand:

we've been researching realtime particle simulation and fluid dynamics for a long time.
what we always wanted to achieve one day was to do something like what realflow could do offline given hours of rendering and simulation time: 
3d smoothed particle hydrodynamics with a fully-featured solver, supporting surface tension, viscosity and collisions with arbitrary meshes. 
rendering as metaballs converted to triangle meshes with marching cubes. 
simulating around 250,000 - 1 million particles per frame and generating & rendering several million vertices per frame during triangulation. 

except we wanted to do it in realtime. on a consumer gpu. on vanilla directx 9. no cuda/compute, no geometry shaders. (they'd probably be too slow anyway.)
with everything else youd expect from a modern demo going on around it and on top. the best possible lighting, depth of field, post-process antialiasing.
twice. (for stereoscopic 3d.)
with style. 

the problem is, it's impossible.