Cube is my Pron by JAC! [web]

>>> Cube is my Pron - 256 bytes vector cube <<<

(c) 2011-05-24 by JAC! of WUDSN

Based on the awesome code by Skate / Plush. Man you rule!
Related to: Rottoprojo64 Coder Pron

After fighting the RottoprojoXL down to 254 bytes, 
I decided to approach the final frontier that has
always been there in my mind for over 20 years:

>> The mother of all objects in 256 bytes on an 8-bit machine from 1983 <<

The result is a real time rotated, projected and
drawn wire cube running at about 3-5 FPS. 

The demo is available in low and high resolution.
The screen is double buffered to avoid flickering.
The speed of the rotation can be adjusted in 8 steps in the source.
The colors are alternating every 8 seconds and become nicer over time.

Load from MyPicoDos without BASIC and with Atari XL OS Revision 2.
This version uses undocumented OS entry points which
will be different in a different OS version.
If you need it for a different OS, just contact me.

Created using WUDSN IDE, visit http://www.wudsn.com for more.