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 Seasons is a Deck Blasters production for Assembly '95 64K intro-compo
 (didn't manage to final) :(

                Code: Droid, Sir Nick
                 Gfx: Noxius
               Muzic: Sir Nick
              Player: Midas (by Sahara Surfers)

                 386 Compatible machine
                 VGA -monitor

                 Gravis Ultrazound
                 Sound Blasters
                 Pro Audio Spectrum
                 Wi(sensored) Sound Syztem
                 No sound card

                 Gravis Ultrasound
                 Fast Local Bus Video Card
                 No any EMM386s or QEMMs (just himem to get enough mem)

    suck text:
      So we decided to do an Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring -intro. :-)
      Yeah.. that idea really sucked.. Who would like that kind of music,
      or effects... no one.. yeah.. there is no any 3D, because we tought
      that people were bored to watch just some object (torus :) rolling
      at screen.. Boy we were wrong again. Jury really did like torus.
 If you want to contact us...
   - send some email to: droid@under.nullnet.fi 
   - give us a call to Deck Blasters' WHQ,  Deep Well UBBS
               +358-(9)695-571871 (v34, 23:00 - 7:00 (fin))