Killspace by Ville Siuruainen

v. 1.01a


All characters, objects and levels in this game are fictional.
Any resemblance to real or fictional person or character, place or object is purely coincidential.

Developer does not take any responsibility in any case of harware, 
physical or mental damage caused by playing or viewing this game.

This game is freeware. If You have paid for this game, please contact me @ filthsu@gmail.com


Installing the game

Just run setup.exe and follow the instructions :)


Navigate menus with arrow keys and spacebar or with XBox360 controller using dpad and A -button

Default controls

			Player 1	Player 2

Throttle		W		Arrow up
Lean l/r		A/D		Arrow L/R
Fire			Tab		Enter
Next weapon		LShift		RShift
Previous weapon		LCtrl		RCtrl
Drop weapon		1		Delete

XBox360 controller:

Throttle		LB
Lean l/r		Left/right trigger
Fire			RB
Next Weapon		B
Previous weapon 	A
Drop weapon		Y

Keyboard controls can be configured via settings menu. Remapping xbox360 controller is not currently supported

There are 3 differently colored progress bars on top of the screen. These bars are:
Green: health indicator
Red: Jetpack status indicator. If jetpack status indicator is flashing, jetpack cannot be used.
Blue: Weapon status indicator. If player is unarmed, this will be invisible.

Level editor
!!Level editor is currently on very early stage of development. So don't expect too polished usability or bugfree experience:)!!
Common controls:
Mouse		Place/delete objects
F1		Show/hide info layer
F2		Background tile layer edit mode
F3		Foreground (wall) tile layer edit mode
F4		Decal mode
F5		Entity mode
F6		Turn lights on/off
WASD		Move camera
T		Texture selector
Z/X		Next/Previous item 

Levels are saved to levels folder, located in game's install directory

Known bugs & issues

-Sometimes fast objects (sniper rifle bullets etc.) go through character without making any damage.
-Heckload of bugs in level editor. Don't bother to report, unless it crashed the game..:P

Version history

date: 4.8.2011
	-Raycasting weapons should be working now
	-Bolt gun now has a bolt :)
	-Heckload of bugfixes not mentioned here
	-Enter now works in menus along with spacebar
	-Some HUD changes

Design, Art & Code	Ville Siuruainen
Killspace uses Farseer Physics engine 3.2

Feedback, bug reports, feature and character requests, general propaganda or whatever you might have to say: