Megademo by The Digital Artists [web]


This is our entry to Assembly 2011 4k introcompo. Tested to work only on Snow
Leopard and using 1280x720 screen resolution, other resolutions will get you
boxed video. Due to the nature of the effects you can run this on any SL
capable hardware, so all of you who have those old white Macbooks with
integrated GMA graphics can still have full visual detail. Fun, eh?

  TS:       code*
  Firehawk: code*, chiptune-raping
  Pattis:   original music

Sometimes it is worth to look back to the past and see oneself's old products
and feel pride for those achievements. In this case we looked into our first
4k entry at Assembly '95. Although it was not shown on the big screen it won
the hearts of people and commenters at #assembly -channel, who acclaimed it
by using these words:

"This crap must have been hacked together in a bus on the way to Assembly".

Although this was not entirely true (no public transportation was involved in
this case), the concept sounded solid enough so this years production was
indeed mostly hacked together in an (air)bus flying over the Atlantic Ocean.
Some finishing touches, ie. all of the effects, were done on the first day of
the party.

Proving that we have indeed not learned anything in the past 16 years, we
even used mostly the same effects but do not apologize this as we are only
ashamed of the fact we've misplaced duck.3ds and could not find it. May it
bitrot in peace.

The compo version does not run on Leopard or Lion - use megademo_compat

*) of what little there is that can be considered coding