Clash on Oberon by Lungcancer Entertainment [web]


  Game Development entry for Function11
  September 16. 2011. | Budapest, Hungary


  Code: -SP-
  Music & SFX: -SP-
  Graphics: -SP- (mainly)


  Well, here it is. My first Flash game ever. Definitely unfinished and probably full of bugs.
  It was done in quite a hurry, but at least it's in a compo-ready state.

  I know, "yet another space shooter". But hey, at least it's not "yet another pong clone", eh?
  I intended to make an oldschool atmosphere for the game. Hence the cheap 8-bit sounds and the
  pixelated sprites.
  Only 2-player mode available yet. Single player didn't make it due to the deadline :)
  Also, there is no high-score list, sorry.
  The game concept is simple: the two players move around with their super-awesome space fighter
  planes and try to destroy each other, while being surrounded by evil flying saucers.
  Players gain score for killing enemies (100 points) or the other player (1000 points).
  Collision with enemies or crashing into the ground results in istant death. Died players respawn
  at their starting position, which is determined randomly at the beginning of each match.
  Players can't collide with each other, to avoid cheap kamikaze-tactics :P
  Four powerups are available to gain bonuses:
  EXTRA LIFE - player gets +1 life (obviously)
  ROCKET PACK - player receives +3 rockets
  RAPID FIRE - firing rate is increased by 15% both for plasma and rockets
  SPEED UP - ship speed is increased by 25% of the initial value
  The match ends when either player loses all their lives. Then, a small statistic about the match
  is shown, displaying the number of kills, the final scores and the longest survival times for both
  PLAYER 1                             PLAYER 2
  Up      -   UP ARROW                 Up      -   W
  Down    -   DOWN ARROW               Down    -   S
  Left    -   LEFT ARROW               Left    -   A
  Right   -   RIGHT ARROW              Right   -   D
  Plasma  -   SPACE                    Plasma  -   TAB
  Rocket  -   CTRL                     Rocket  -   SHIFT

  Known minor "bugs":
  1. projectiles never die, so feel free to shoot like a madman - you'll probably hit something :)
  2. rockets may disappear a few seconds after being fired - probably a glitch in movie clip depths

  Due to the shortage in free time I took some gfx from Deviantart and Google images.
  Sorry about that, I shall fix those too in the final version.
  (yep, I'm lame in pixel graphics)

  Anyway, have fun :) PEW-PEW!

  Greetings to all demosceners and everyone at Function11!

  -SP- ^ Lungcancer Entertainment