Napalm by Substance

                             (c)1996 substance
                        draken-raiden-yarpen production


  r e q u i r e m e n t s

        590kb conventional
        monitor (not so necessary)

  we recommend you to run napalm on a 486dx2-66 with gus and vlb.


  c r e d i t s

        code, design................yarpen
                                    katarek ("draken", "raiden", "yarpen")
                                    unreal/pulse (1st stc logo)
                                    vildis (2nd stc logo)
        muzik.......................raiden (main tune)
                                    falcon (end scroller)
        3d objects..................voomie/mist (duck & stone)
                                    found as is in 3ds format (rest)
                                    unreal/pulse (cube)
                                    unknown (2nd torus)

  thanx to author of this texture. we don't know who you are, but your
  texture is very nice.

  demovt 1.6 by jcab/iguana/vt. xlink 2.02 by jinx!/the coexistence.
  xmode library by leto/weird imagination.

  i (yarpen) would like to thanx the following guys for help with this
  production. probably napalm wouldn't be without them:
  ame coders, ervin, headbanger, hellfire, leto, sliq, tei
  thanx also to main tester - sketch/pulse.


  p r o b l e m s

        - try to run without qemm, emm386 and similiar daemons
        - try to run with clean boot
        - choose silence (or better even don't run it without sound)
        - decrease freq rate (if demo works slow)
        - be sure if your exefile has valid size
        - change your computer (if demo works slow)
        - watch it on your friend's comp


  i n f o

  this is our contribution to gp2 demo compo.
  main code was done in about two weeks, but of coz some routs were ready
  before. all what you've seen is realtime calculated and written in pure
  asm (well, except setup). some effects were coded in an hour or two,
  e.g. this _very_ shitty'n'lame bitmap effect with napalm logo. sorry
  for that, but i hadn't got enuff effects and i had to do something
  _really_ fast. sorry for ugly heart's movements, but i'm not very good
  at biology.
  sorry for so many flashes. sometimes there are problems with musik
  synchronisation, but only sometimes...
  esc key works, but not at the beginning. just wait to first bitmap
  stretching - from now you can exit.
  this demo saves a little script file for demovt. of coz this file is
  deleted on exit. but if you really wanna see it then do undelete...
  wanna change configuration? just del cfg file.
  i don't know how it runs on 386, but i guess that terrible slooow.
  remember that it's my second production ever (first was 4kb intro),
  so try to don't use words like "fuck", "shit", "lame" etc. too often...

  all pictures are handpainted. main tune was composed with ft2 by triton
  and mixer by tcman. muzik isn't exactly the same as played with ft2, but
  it's probably demovt's fault (sorry, raiden!). second tune it's quite old
  piece of musik composed by falcon for s!p. but we think it's very nice
  and you should hear it...
  special greetz to halcyon - hi, guys! this prod is more or less inspired
  by your demos. hope you don't mind...
  last words: sb support it's really ill idea (dedicated to adrar design).


  w e   n e e d   y o u

  as you probably noticed - 3d objects in demo weren't done by us.
  our friends from mist helped us, but now we're searching for qualified
  3d artist. not for rendered piccys, but for nice 3d objects and cool
  textures. if you think you could help then contact us.


  g r e e t i n g s

  greetings list is really loooong. anyway, cold "zywiec" beers from:

  draken -

  raiden -

  yarpen - alek, ari, astra, avran, blz, brach, caesar, chester,
           clifford m., tsc, ervin, esc, exon, gizbern, gorgo, gredon,
           hasid, headbanger, hellfire, heya, insane, ice, izax da grin,
           katarek, kwasior, leto, maf, nathan, orgy, orion, pashtal, robo,
           sketch, slope, smile, somebody, taskmaster, technomancer,
           teddyboar, tei, tran traper, unreal, voomie, warlock, zenial
         - all freakz from stc
         - all guyz from 3b/5lo/torun
         - all cool black/death metal bands
         - legia warsow
         - cc & company + all pretty chicks in the world
         - oliver stone (for "natural born killers")
         - all guys i forgot. all guys which think they should be mentioned


  e n d   w o r d s

  it's all. hope you enjoyed napalm. wait for next production from stc...

                                          see ya in hell,