Blin Elfom by Ye Olde Laptops Posse [web]

Blin Elfom
Ye Olde Laptops Posse

A quickly hacked-together 256 bytes intro for Linux.
With sound.
In 197 bytes.

For Alternative Party, 21-23.10.2011, Helsinki, Finland

code, "music": w23 (me@w23.ru)
additional code: korvin

All the remained empty 59 bytes are sad and waiting for their chance to be 
filled with something more interesting.

 - /dev/fb0 (framebuffer) running @ supported resolution and color depth
 - /dev/dsp (OSS device)

How to run:
1) Switch to console (Ctrl+Alt+F1; return to X: Ctrl+Alt+F7/F8{usually})
2) Check that the required device files above are present and writable by you.
3) Use the `fbset' (install it from your distro package system) utility to get 
your current framebuffer video mode and color depth.
4) Run the appropriate binary of this intro.
5) Vote on pouet!

If you don't have these fancy /dev/{fb0,dsp} devices, please consult you distro
docs on the matter of how to setup them.
If you're unlucky enough to run Ubuntu and therefore lack the /dev/dsp device,
there's one solution that seems to work: http://osspd.sourceforge.net/

Greets go to:
	Youth Uprising
	Everyone on "Experimental music from very short C programs" thread, вы лапочки!