Wishful Seedling by Fnuque [web] & Loonies [web]

Wishful Seedling by Fnuque and Loonies

A Windows 4k intro for the Kindergarden 2011 intro competition

Second in a trilogy. Same engine, new code. Go figure.


Music: Punqtured
Code and modelling: Blueberry

Thanks to Mentor, Maytz, Farfar and Quisten for suggestions,
optimizations and other supportive actions.

Thanks to Psycho for AMD compatibility testing.

Special thanks to Loaderror for letting us use his machine
during most of the party for finishing the intro.

Requires a Windows PC with:
- Up-to-date DirectX runtime (d3dx9_42.dll)
- Shader model 2.0 or better
- Decent fill rate (lots of alpha blending going on)

Greeting to all 4k makers out there!