Sphaera Stellarum by Noice [web]

Release info
Name: Sphaera Stellarum
Platform: Atari VCS/2600 PAL, 8kb ROM cartridge
Release Date: 2011-11-13
Code: Shadow/Noice
Music: Ilmarque/Trilobit

History behind this demo
Hearing that there would be an Atari 2600 demo compo at SV2k11, I of course
wanted to participate (to my knowledge the first time a party has arranged
a compo for that sweet old 1977 hardware!)
The first thing I got done was the dot-sphere that the demo is named after.
I think it looks nice and hi-res for a 2600 effect!
Then I just started to fill out with some additional effects to have a demo.
The hardest thing was actually the text-writer, the code to get those 12
chars on screen was a fight with cycles and timing and took many days to
write, as opposed to the dot-sphere which was very easy and straightforward
in comparison!

How to run it
Run the .bin file in your VCS-emulator of choice (I recommend Stella),
or put it on a 8kb EPROM or your Harmony cart and run it on the real thing!

Thanks to
Ilmarque for the great tune.
Grey/Mystic Bytes for his work in getting the Atari 2600 demo compo to happen.
Jakub Husak for offering to be in stand-by-mode to deliver a tune when I didn't
know if Ilmarque would have time to finish his or not.

Additional info
Created with Kick Assembler.

Contact info