Takeover '98 Pre-Invtro by quad [web]

                        _______     Ò
                   _____\__   /_____:______  _________
     - ____________\_     /   \_    |    _/__\  __   /__ -----------------
       \_            _  _//   _|    ½____|___  _____/ _/ t a k e o v e r 98
    --- Ó----|    |--\________\|____:      _| -½      | -------------- -- -
          -  -----¦ ::   ___________|______\/_________|___ slc Ò
       ::.. .           _\   _    _/____    _ __\  __    /_____:_______
             eindhoven, |    |    ||    |-----Ö    _____/ _/   ._     /
        the auditorium, | .._|    |     |     |    |      |     _    /____
     15/16/17 may/1998! |_:_______|_    |     |_   |     _|     |       _//
    . ....................:        /__________|/_________\------|_______l

---- Takeover'98 - the story continues ----------------------------------------

  In 1995, a group of Dutch sceners decided to organize a demo party. In 1996
  preperations were made. In 1997 the best Dutch demo party ever was held. In
  1998 there will be even more.

  Takeover'98 will not only bring you what X'97 Takeover brought you last year.
  Takeover'98 will bring you more. No more power failures, an even better
  network, better sleeping accomodations, showers - if you had an excuse last
  year not to be there, you certainly won't have one now!

---- Why Takeover'98? ---------------------------------------------------------

  In 1997, Nostalgia and Success combined forces, helped by the network people
  of Stack. Nostalgia brought Takeover, Success brought X. X'97 Takeover was
  born, raised, and held. For various reasons it almost became a one-time
  event. Success decided to withdraw, Nostalgia's main organizer decided to do
  the same. Because of tremendous support from the scene, Nostalgia and Stack,
  in cooperation with Quad, decided to continue what Nostalgia and Success left
  behind. The absence of Success ment the absence of X - Takeover'98 was born.

  Last year, X'97 Takeover had much to offer. A great party atmosphere, the
  best party network ever (including Internet access), a magnificent big screen
  and audio, life artist performances, a catering serving hot meals and -
  something the organizers cannot take credit for, but are very proud of - the
  best releases ever on a Dutch demo party: 303 (AcmE), Stasis (Analogue) and
  Saturday (Spirit New Style) were still spoken of months afterwards.

  Of course, the party had downsides: the continuing power failures and the
  poor sleeping accomodations did not ruin the party, but they didn't help much
  either. There was also some criticism about the rules for competition
  entries. Takeover'98 will improve all this: there will be dry, warm sleeping
  places in a nearby gymhall (including free hot showers!), sufficient power
  due to use of 380-to-220 Volt current dispatchers (we had those last year,
  but only near the end), and clear competition rules. Oh, before we forget:
  the party network will be improved. Improved? Yes. It will be even better. It
  will be faster, more IP-numbers will be available, and registration will be

---- "Okay, okay, enough of this talk - now give us the details" --------------

  What:         - Takeover'98

  When:         - 15, 16 and 17 May 1998

  Where:        - The Auditorium of the University of Technology, Eindhoven
                  (TUE), Eindhoven, the Netherlands

  Features:     - Huge, quality big screen
                - Huge, quality audio system
                - Separate main hall and competition theatre
                - Best party network ever
                - Free internet access (34 Mbit uplink via TUE main router)
                - 6 internet terminals for those without a computer
                - Room for 750 people
                - In-house buffet, 24 hour beer and coffee service
                - Warm, dry sleeping hall
                - Free, hot showers next to sleeping hall
                - 5 minutes walk from train station
                - 5 minutes walk to city centre
                - Large, free parking place

  Competitions: - PC demo (DOS and Windows 95 combined)
                - PC 64 Kb intro
                - PC 4 Kb intro
                - Multi-channel music competition
                - Multi-channel house competition
                - Graphics competition
                - Raytrace competition
                - Various surprise competitions

  Home page:    - http://www.takeover.nl

  E-mail:       - info@takeover.nl

---- What is left to say? -----------------------------------------------------

  This is the first information file. It comes with the pre-invitation intro by
  Quad. Opening and closing times, party rules, competition rules and many more
  subjects wil be covered in upcoming new versions of this info file. The
  latest version, and all miscelaneous information, can always be found on the
  Takeover'98 home page at http://www.takeover.nl. That's it for now,

  The organizers