IceFever by Xpose

        Ü             Ý Ý        ÜßßßÝ   Þ     ÞÜÜ  Ü                Ü
      ÜÛ²ÛÜ           Û ÛßßÝ Üßß ÛÜÝ Üßß  ßÝ Þ Û   Û Ý             ÜÛ²ÛÜ
    ÜÛ²±°±²ÛÜ         Û Û    Ûß  Û   Ûß    Û Ý Þß  ÛßÜ           ÜÛ²±°±²ÛÜ
     ßÛ²±²Ûß          Û ÛÜÜÛÝÞßß Þ   Þßß    ß   ßßÝßÝÝ            ßÛ²±²Ûß
       ßÛß            Þ     ß   ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ     1.0              ßÛß
                        ßßßßßßßß              ßßßßßßÜÜÜÜÜ

Written by Dr.Zon

ððð General info ððð
  Well, this one was released at The Gathering'94 here in Norway. We
assembled most of the demo here at TG, and we used a hell lot time
on it, who knows why.., the demo isn't that good afterall!!

ððð Info about this production ððð
  When you  enjoy  this  demo,  you  should  know  that  some of these
routines were first coded way back in 1992. We have never released any
routines before, so this means that IceFever is our first demo ever released.
We have refreshed the routines (like others wipe dust off old stuff!)
and prepared them for IceFever...

  Most  of  what  you  see was done the last two weeks before release.
Some parts of the music were done before that.  The music you hear is
a 12 channel digital sound  module  composed with our own TakeTracker.
When you hear the music, you should also consider that  the  musican
is NOT satisfied with it (and most of you probably hate it too).

ððð Hardware requirements ððð
Recommended hardware setup:
  A 486DX2-66/DX-50 (preferably faster ;) with a 256k GUS.
This is due to the lame code in the first 'vector rotation' part. The
other effects should work "fine" with faster 386's. If you don't like the
speed, try to remove Emm386, qemm or similar programs. We are planning
to release a faster version later, but we're very lazy, so....
The compomachine was an DX2-66, so why should we bother anyway...

ððð Group greets ððð
  Bollox, Crap, DSP, Extreme, Gollum, Misc Dezign, Ravenation,
  Select, Tronix
    +plus all the other groups we have met, but forgotten.

ððð BBS Support ððð
  WHQ : StarShip BBS : +47-5-513-8653
   Files can be downloaded from InterNet FTP : WASP.ENG.UFL.EDU

ððð Fan-mail via Snail-mail ððð
  We always appreciate fan-letters, so if you have something on your
mind you would like to say 'bad or nice' just snail-mail it to:
		Oyvind Neuman
		Fagerbakken 10
		N5082 Eidsv†gneset

ððð End ððð
  This  is  IceFever  1.0.   We expect it to have a few bugs, that will
most likly be fixed in later versions, and we promise a sequel to this
demo next year(?). Look out for a SB(Pro/16) version of this demo, we didn't
have time to implement them here at TG.

 ³ Takk og farvel, nu er tiden kommet til at tage en rest.  Vaare rygger ³
 ³ vaerker som om vi skulde ha kodet en demo.  Nu maa vi slukke av vaare ³
 ³ datamaskiner, slappe av og nyte livet.... Jumm jumm.                  ³

                       ðððððð C U ALL L8R ðððððð

Bergiant corrected the very poor English  ;)  in this demo...