lintro by fsqrt [web]

prod:   lintro
type:   128 byte linux intro
code:   frag/fsqrt
date:   29-01-2012

Binary linux intro in 128 bytes.
Looks not so good but the goal was
to make elf as small as i can.
71 bytes is enough for headers
and gfx setup (open /dev/fb0 and mmap it).

To run it you should:
1. Have working /dev/fb0
2. Have rights to write to it.
3. Check framebuffer resolution.
4. Switch to fullscreen console (Ctrl+Alt+F1)
5. Run appropriate binary file.
	(only 32b color, sorry, if you have
	24b, you need to change source).
6. Try to enjoy.

Tested on Debian 2.6.32-5-686.
If you get segfault, try to change in source
"org 0" to "org 1000h", "mov bl, 32" to "mov bx, 1020h".
Source file is nasm compatible. 

Big thanks to w23!