Codeïne by Maroon

Code‹ne (or Cyboman ??) by Metaphor/Maroon

for TP7 4k introcompo in Aars, Denmark.

Sorry about this outdated stuff, but I guess I was late as usual.
Well, it's my first 4k intro and I don't think it's THAT bad. ;)
Thanks go to Sigma/Maroon for the random integer generator
and to Multiplex/Cheeese for letting me use his monitor and
other like Sigmatic/Jello for supporting me. :)

Greets to groups like
Analogue, Trepaan, Quad, Nostalgia, Cheeese, Inside, Mushroom Records,
Thaumaturge, Jello, Superstition, Infuse Project, Lucid Minds.

Wanna mail me? 

WWW : www.engineering.tem.nhl.nl/~pluts700   (not really ready)