Macaroni Drop by Proxima

snake.com is a nice little snake game.

Twaddler (Proxima/Inf) are proud to presents yet another (quality) production.
It's called:
                              "Macaroni Drop"

³ About the code
   The code is written using pure assembly for optimal speed and size. I
original intended to implement some nice vector objects also, but alas, I
ran out of time (as usual). You must have 192k RAM free in order to run this
program without experiencing different not so interesting things. If you have
a ADLIB compatible soundcard you will hear some really funky music. I  
composed it in ScreamTracker 3, converted it using a selfmade converter and
replayed it with the "Schmall adlib player" which is ofcourse made by me too.

   The intro is designed and timed on a lousy 486DX'33, and some parts,
especially the zoomer will run to fast on faster computers (and ofcourse too
slow on slower computers). I think it will run fine on a 386, but I hadn't got 
any time to test this. I have a bad feeling that it won't work on a 286, due
to my excessive use of 32-bit 386 instructions.

   Too bad I hadn't got enough time to finish my small assembly vector 

³ About the font
   The font is a normal standard font, which is processed using a special
display assembler routine.

³ Disclaimer
 This product is provided at an ASIS basis and the author are not responsible
 for any kind of damage that the use of this piece of software may cause.
 This includes but are not limited to: lose of profit,  lose of savings and
 damaged hardware. When using this software, you agree with everything
 written above.

 What I really mean is that if the intro really fucks up your computer, make
it explode or something, It is not my problem.

³ License
  This material is not freeware. You are allowed to copy it  without
  restrictions for non-commercial use. No payment of any kind may be
  charged  for  this  product  or  any  combination of  products  or
  services including this product without our autorisation and offi-
  cial written license.    Commercial use, especially the industrial
  manufacturing on  any  data storage media  and  their distribution
  without expressed  permission  from the author  (yvind Neuman) is
  strictly  prohibited.  This program may not be altered or modified
  without the authors permission.

³ Contacting me
 If you by some weird reason want to get in touch with me, please try the
 following snail-mail address:

    Oyvind Neuman
    Fagerbakken 10
    5082 Eidsv†gneset