Dreams by Orchid

a Orchid presentation

    D R E A M S

for the party'8 PC democompo

Code, gfx, some music, most of everything:
  - dna

  - spook

A picture =)
  - highfly

+ a lot of other people who long before my time utilized their skills to 
make software & hardware that I have used in this demo. And then again, 
credits for a lot of pictures to different artists on the internet. As goes for
some of the objects too.

 Noteworthy might though be that the tree in the "tree-scene" is completely
code based and does not base on ready meshes...

 And last, sorry for the unfinishedness. One hour before the buss to the party 
leaves is not enough time to pack the graphics and rewrite the object reader. 
And I actually got the inspiration to make a demo about a week before the party.
Well made basic code however makes a big difference =)
At least the demo works!
                                          -dna, Aars 28/12 1998, 3:57am 
System requirements:
P120 Mhz
32 mb ram
A VGA compatible graphics adapter

PII processor
enough ram =)
A fast graphics adapter supporting 320x200/32bpp mode
A nice sound card that midas likes
An open mind

Contact info:

e-mail   : dsilfvas@cc.hut.fi
web      : www.hut.fi/~dsilfvas
ircnet   : dna (on channels #klubi, #fi-rave and #linux.fi mostly)