ZX Debut by noice [web]

Release info
Name: ZX Debut
Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48k/128k/+2 etc.)
Release Date: 2012-03-17
Code: Shadow/Noice
Logo: Piesiu/Agenda^Mystic Bytes
Music: Yerzmyey/Hooy-Program

History behind this demo
As is often the case, a couple of weeks ago I got the craving to get
my hands on another vintage system to code for. 
Having previously done quite a lot of stuff for the ZX81, I wanted a
newer Sinclair, so I bought a ZX Spectrum +2A.
As I wrote in the scroller of the demo though, once I started looking into
the hardware I got quite a bit of a shock finding out that on the Spectrum
all you get is a bitmap mode, nothing more, nothing less.
But limits are always fun, so I hacked away and managed to complete 
this little demo quite quickly in time to make it as a remote entry to
the Forever party.

How to run it
Load the .tap via cassette interface or DivIDE.
The demo should run on all 128k machines and on the 48k aswell.
On the 48k there will be no sound unless you have a AY-interface though.

Thanks to
Piesiu for the logo.
Gasman for helping me find someone to provide a tune.
Yerzmyey for the tune and doing testing on a 48k machine.
WorldOfSpectrum.org forum for answering some questions.

Additional info
Created with SjASMPlus, Bin2Tap and some Processing.

Contact info