tubbattle 96k by Alpha Raid [web]

tubbattle 96k
an alpha raid feature presentation,
released at revision 2012 game compo,
up to 4 player networked bath tub battle.

linux 32bit compo version,
ports for os x, windows will follow, stay tuned.

created by
  Nikolas 'eneloh' Lohmann,
  Florian 'nosam' Torkler

contact at info@alpharaid.org

-- usage ----
usage: tubbatle [mode x y]
example: tubbattle 0 0  starts tubbattle in highest available non fullscreen mode.
try x: 0..n = resolution, y: 0 = windowed, 1 = fullscreen.
only tested on nvidia, otherwise, who knows.

server uses ip/udp port 2048.

-- controls ----
use W,A,S and D to control boat,
use ESC to access menu,
use TAB to show stats,
use SHIFT-Q to quit instantly,
use SPACE to start game,
in running game use mouse to aim, left button to shoot, right button to shoot cluster bomb and space to lay mines, if collected.

-- greetings ----
akronyme analogiker,

-- thanks ----
alcatraz for 4klang,
ctrl-alt-test for shader minifier,
chris for the rubberduck.